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Nightstand to Kitchenette

I want to post this project over here since this is my creative blog that documents all the crazy stuff I end up making. I’d seen a lot of cute makeovers of nightstands into play kitchens, and decided that would be the perfect gift for my Eddie.
This is a nightstand that my friend was going to give to Goodwill. I snagged it from her for $10 instead! With some help from my father-in-law & his router & jigsaw, I cut a hole the size of a round cake pan, and drilled a hole for the faucet to screw into. The drawers were replaced with corkboard. We made a new door & used a handle from Hobby Lobby. Liquid Nails was used to secure the faucet & round cake pan in place. I free-handed the burners, and covered everything with clear sealant so hopefully the paint job lasts a while.


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Christmas Chevron

I cannot believe I managed to do it, but my Christmas quilt is finished!! My husband gets home from London tomorrow (been gone a week) and I started cutting out the pieces for this the day before he left. I am always surprised by how much a person can actually accomplish when they put their mind to it…(and don’t waste time with nonessentials, haha)…Below you’ll see the quilt top pre-quilting, then the quilt all finished with lovely candy-striped flannel backing showing, and lastly being tested to make sure it works. 🙂

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Another Indiana Jones Block

I didn’t publish this on this blog back in the summer when my son decided he needed to help make another block for his Indiana Jones quilt. Voila!
You can click here to read more about it. Right now the plan is to sew buttons on for eyes, after the quilt top gets put together. Of course, in order for the quilt top to be put together we’ll need a few more quilt blocks….

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