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Nightstand to Kitchenette

I want to post this project over here since this is my creative blog that documents all the crazy stuff I end up making. I’d seen a lot of cute makeovers of nightstands into play kitchens, and decided that would be the perfect gift for my Eddie.
This is a nightstand that my friend was going to give to Goodwill. I snagged it from her for $10 instead! With some help from my father-in-law & his router & jigsaw, I cut a hole the size of a round cake pan, and drilled a hole for the faucet to screw into. The drawers were replaced with corkboard. We made a new door & used a handle from Hobby Lobby. Liquid Nails was used to secure the faucet & round cake pan in place. I free-handed the burners, and covered everything with clear sealant so hopefully the paint job lasts a while.


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