Sampler Quilt Blocks: All But Complete

A long time ago I started this Y Seams blog in order to have a place where I documented the fun stuff I made, so I’d have a place to go look at my projects concisely. Well, I took a break from sewing/quilting in 2013 for the most part, and so many projects got put on hold. There are so many fun little projects I would love to do but I don’t want to have the same unfinished projects 30 years from now that I have today; therefore, when I get little bursts of creative energy (and the time to utilize it) I am focusing on those. If you’ve scanned through all my past posts then you’ll remember my random little quilt blocks featuring brown, green, pink, and yellow fabrics. This past week I made four more, and fixed one that I had made 2 years ago to better coordinate with those in this collection.

This is not the final layout.

This is not the final layout.

Eleven down, one more to go! Now I’ve got to think about what color to use for sashing…


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  1. It’s looking good! Speaking of finishing projects. . . I just need to do some corded buttonholes and sew on buttons tomorrow, and then we’ll have 3 vests to pack for cruisin’!

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