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2014 LDQB January Block

I’m running the 2014 Long Distance Quilting Bee with my cousin Lisa. I took a break from it in 2013 but this year I jumped back in again. I’m glad I did, simply because making 1 block a month makes me feel like I’m doing something for myself (even though its really for someone else) while not creating copious amounts of projects that might stress me out or cause more work in the long run.

For January, Carol asked for a block having something to do with Paris, France. She’s giving a Paris quilt to a friend who lived there for several years. As luck would have it, I had a narrow strip of fabric patterned with a street map of Paris. Because I always saw people sitting at cafes drinking wine when I’ve walked around Paris, this is what I came up with:

I designed this block myself, and am pretty happy with how it turned out. I’m not planning on making many wine bottle quilt blocks in the future but if I were I might try a different technique to give a skinnier slope of the bottleneck.


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And I’m back for 2014!

My plan for 2013 was to take a break from bees to finish quilts that I’ve started but that didn’t happen. My quilts are all in various stages of completion still. I didn’t really sew anything in 2013 once my baby arrived. That is, I didn’t really sew anything until November when I started making these cute little 9-patch blankets for my friend to use with her photography business.

My banner helpers enjoyed this shot.

My banner helpers enjoyed this shot.

I ended up making 14 of these little guys. I really enjoyed it, and wanted to make more, but ran out of time. That is, I have time but now that I have 3 kids it is spread out a little thinner than it has been in the past.
More newborn blankets.

More newborn blankets.

I tried taking some pictures of these blankets, but the settings in my camera were a bit off, and I couldn’t figure out how to adjust them.
The orange squares are all the same tone, actually.

The orange squares are all the same tone, actually.

In this blanket, the yellow polka dots are all the same fabric. But in the photo it looks like sunshine yellow & squash orange. So strange. IMG_2243
I think this little red, gray, and white gem is one of my favorites. IMG_2261
"Look Mom! I'm a robot! See my robot body??"

“Look Mom! I’m a robot! See my robot body??”

Here is a composite shot of the first 6 blankets I made, side to side. I think it would be a pretty cute blanket for someone’s toddler bed:IMG_2257
One of the most fun parts of this project was picking out fun bright chevron & dots & solid fabric colors that I might not ordinarily buy for myself. There really is something about fresh uncut fabric all ready to go that is just so rejuvenating. IMG_2377

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