March block for Design Camp 3

Its been a while since I’ve posted in regards to the flickr quilting bee, Design Camp. The girl assigned February is/was so behind getting her blocks finished & posted to other members that she felt guilty asking people to make blocks for her, so February ended up being a sort of catch-up month for anyone running behind. I’ve only received about half of the blocks from November, so I’m convinced she wasn’t the only one running behind from last fall! For march, we were given gray fabric along with 3 shades of pink, and asked to follow a rough outline to create a 12.5″x12.5″ block reminiscent of tube socks. IMG_9866 This block gave me a lot of trouble, more than I’ve had for a bee block for a while, mostly because the fabric stretched in bizarre ways when I pressed it. I’m not sure if it wasn’t shrunk before getting mailed out or what, but I ended up picking out half the block & resewing it in order to reach the proper dimensions. I think the finished quilt will look very fun, but I’m glad my contribution is finished & safely on its way to its new home.


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