Fruit Salad Quilt Complete! (at long last)

Remember my Fruit Salad quilt? I received most of these blocks back in 2011 from the Long Distance Quilting Bee members, plus a couple from myself and my mom. I made the quilt top a while ago but never got around to finishing it. Last week I quilted the top, batting, and backing together. Yesterday I finally made and attached the binding.
I love the flannel I used for the back. Originally I was thinking of using the banana fabric for the back, but the quilt is so much more snuggly with flannel on one side. The polka dots were originally white, and I prewashed it initially for my sister’s Christmas quilt, but since it was bleeding enough to turn the polka dots pink at the time, I used different backing on her quilt. I think the polka dots look so cute on this fruity quilt. The quilting around the individual blocks just gives the back a hint of interest so your eye doesn’t go crazy staring at all the dots.
I love the look of the yellow banana binding contrasting with the red flannel as well. Maybe I just love bright colors?
I sewed around the borders 1/4″ away from the seam on both sides for each border. Its simple, but thats okay. The differences in block colors & pattern are busy so I’m okay with straight forward borders & simple quilting on the borders. I’m really glad to have this unfinished project finally finished!



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3 responses to “Fruit Salad Quilt Complete! (at long last)

  1. Lisa Ford

    I’m just curious… do you machine sew your binding or machine sew the first part and then hand sew the rest?

    • Amy

      I use the machine for the whole thing when I’m in a hurry! Which, being perfectly honest, has been with every quilt I’ve ever machine quilted since the first one I ever did (a flannel shoo fly pattern for Edward when he was born). I usually make the binding and then use a technique I found in a google search that showed a demo from a quilter working at Sugar House Quilts in SLC. She sewed the binding on starting with leaving a tail of 5-8 inches. Then when she got all the way around would stop sewing it on about 6 inches away from the start, with another tail of 5-8 inches. She used a pin to mark where the tails would meet & sewed them together, trimming the ends. Then she continued to attach the binding & it goes on very smooth & you can’t tell from the outside where the attachment started or ended. After you do this once its actually a pretty quick technique. Then you could either hand sew down the opposite side, or machine sew it on. I’ve machine sewed it since that first one mostly because I’ve had time constraints, and I want to finish the quilts so I can move onto the next project!

  2. The golden yellow and red, plus green, etc., go well with your colors for your kitchen/dining room–it all coordinates, I think. . . Love, Mom

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