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Refinished Mirror

This is a mirror that has resided in my garage for almost a year. I swiped it from my sister-in-law’s garage sale items last summer. Originally it was attached to a long dresser, and I don’t need another dresser…thus I took the mirror alone. I like that its big, but I don’t like how dark it is. IMG_9824
I decided to refinish it using a compilation of techniques from my own past experience upcycling Craigslist furniture, and one of the paint techniques Cyndy uses on The Creativity Exchange. After priming the wood, I mixed spray paint & some acrylic in a bowl & applied it with my finger. I wore a latex glove because I didn’t feel like getting paint all over my fingernails & skin creases. If I didn’t like how it went on, I just added/smeared/mixed paint until it pleased my eye.
The wheat at the top of the mirror looks so much better with its lighter look!
After fingerpainting the mirror with my multi-tone paint, I mixed some wood stain with some light colored acrylic. This I applied with a cheap sponge brush, and after about a minute rubbed it off. I rubbed it with varying degrees of pressure to get a bit of a worn look. Thomas thought it looked like fun, so he joined in with me on this part—he did the part in the photo below, and I think it looks amazing–just like birch bark!
After it was entirely dry, I lightly went over it with sandpaper. I think it looks pretty good! I am still deciding where to put it, but I like the fact that if I get tired of it looking like this, a new coat of paint will give it a complete makeover. DIY projects are so worth it!



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Burp Cloths!

This past week I finally found the time to “prettify” some burp cloths. My boys’ burp cloths are half worn out, and I made them from patterned flannel that really scream BOY so it was fun to buy some white burp cloths & scavenge through my ribbon basket to find some feminine samples to adorn them.
Random fact: it is almost impossible to find white burp cloths where I live. I think I went to four different stores, including Target and Walmart, none of which sold these nice, white, traditional burp cloths. What is wrong with them? I ended up ordering these from Amazon. Regardless of the hassle they were to procure, I’m happy with the end result.

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More Pink Scrap Quilt

Remember when I said that I wasn’t in a hurry to finish the pink scrappy quilt that I am working on, but that its so fun to work on? Well, the joy factor struck again and I made the center of the quilt.
I have been seeing these giant starts crop up from time to time on other sewing/quilting/crafting blogs that I follow, and I finally decided to just go for it & make one using the same fabrics I’ve used in the small blocks for my giant star.
I played around with the layout a bunch as you can see. I actually deleted more potential layouts from my camera…I am only posting these ones because I really like them for one reason or another.
Several of these would have worked but I wanted to find one that gave the most balance between light & dark, busy & calm, solid & print.
Ultimately the photo below is what I went with. Its hard to see in this photo because it was dark and I really only took this photo so I’d remember where to lay out the pieces as I sewed them together bit by bit. In real life, it looks amazing. I think this will be a very fun bedspread someday!
Thomas says I should call this the ‘Fablehaven Quilt’ because I only work on it at night when my husband is reading Fablehaven aloud to the rest of us. All the blocks I’ve made including this giant star were made this way, and last night we finished the series. Fun stuff.

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