Scrappy Pink Quilt

I’ve been working on a few projects lately but haven’t really taken great photos until today, so that is my excuse for not posting on this blog for so long. I’ve got a few baby blankets underway that I’ll share with you after they’re complete. In the meantime…check out this sweet pink alphabet fabric!
I saw it and immediately thought it would look so sweet with different shades of teals and pinks in a scrappy quilt. Playing around with the fabrics I have, I came up with this:
I think that the dark pink is a little strong, & would overwhelm the pale pink background of the alphabet pretty easily if the whole quilt were done like that. Fortunately, I only want little pops of the dark pink here & there. I found some lime fabrics and some whites/off-whites to mix in as well.
I also have some fabrics for this quilt from clothes that my grandma and mom have made, one in particular dates back to the 1950’s! I thought it would be fun to preserve some of those fabrics in a sweet little scrappy quilt for a little girl to enjoy for years and years.
I only have 5 blocks made so far. I’d like to make 12 or 15, and then frame each block with a white border, but have a colored square connecting each block on the border corners, similar to this quilt. My plan is for this to go on my baby’s bed when she’s big enough for a real bed. With these 5 blocks I like the scrappiness, but I also like all the different teals framing the white diamond that the diagonal alphabet squares move across. I haven’t really made a huge plan for what color goes where, as far as the small scrappy squares are concerned. I’m just randomly picking fabrics & will let the finished product be a surprise to myself, along with everyone else, to see how it all comes together.
I think that the white borders will help tone down the busy-ness of the fabrics, but at the same time I want the words SCRAP QUILT to come to mind when someone sees the finished product. Since the end goal for this quilt is still several years away, I’m not feeling stressed to finish it…but not feeling stress while working on something is so enjoyable that it just might come together more quickly than anticipated!

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  1. I think that it will be both pretty and interesting! Looks like fun! Love, Mom

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