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Indiana Jones Quilt: Project Complete!

At long last, the Indiana Jones quilt is complete! IMG_9481

Thomas is so happy. He loves it because its big enough for him to wrap himself up within its snuggly folds.


Here it is all laid out, ready to sew. Because each block was a different size, Thomas & I ended up sewing various fabrics around the blocks which we then squared up. Thomas picked background fabrics which he thought were appropriate for Indiana Jones.


I just freehand quilted with my machine diagonal stripes across the blocks, about 2-3″ apart. Then I went around the border twice. Its hard to tell in these photos, but it frames the blocks so they pop pretty well.

The script in the middle spells out THOMAS in runic alphabet letters. I found the alphabet on this site, and just sort of free-pieced them together. They could be cuter & more uniform, but I’m just telling myself that they were carved by some prehistoric person who wasn’t very skilled at homogeneity, and calling it good. Why did I choose this alphabet, you ask? Because I thought it would be easier to piece together than egyptian hieroglyphics!


We used this brown and cream print flannel for the back. I folded it over twice to make the binding, and it adds a nice touch of “Jonesie” to the front. I saw this flannel on Black Friday last year when Joann’s was selling flannel for $1/yard. Score! I think the skulls add an appropriate touch.


Thomas has been sleeping with his quilt ever since it was finished.

In his words, “I love it. Its really warm, nice, snuggly. Its one of a kind!”




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