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Black & White & Red Quilt Complete

I finally finished my black and white and red quilt. Its only taken about 18 months!! The top was finished before summertime, but I barely had it machine quilted in September. It is king-sized. If I were selling this quilt, I’d retail it starting at $1000.
The backing is preshrunk flannel. Originally I wanted to do all houndstooth, but of course when it shrunk there wasn’t enough yardage. I ended up getting some beautiful black keys on white to counter the houndstooth.

I used the alphabet function on my sewing machine to write ‘Love from Amy N____’ on the binding. I think the alphabet feature works better on single fabric depths, but it turned out okay.

These next 2 arrow blocks are my favorite.

I just love how striking they are. Truly beautiful blocks in my opinion.

I made this as a wedding gift for my coworker. We were hired at the same time, went through the training program together, and survived all kinds of nonsense together. She’s getting married this month, so I think the quilt is finally finished right in time!



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A Throw Quilt for Sana

A couple months ago my friend Sana asked me if I’d help her make a quilt for her couch. She wanted something with clean lines, earthy tones, but still invoked a feeling of “the islands”. We picked out these fabrics from my stash, and set to work. We actually only got together 3 or 4 times for about 2 hours each time—thats how quickly the whole thing sewed up start to finish. Sana loved the final result & told me recently that everyone in her family wants to have the quilt when they’re in the living room. She was really happy, so that made me happy.

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