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August: LDQB

August is Evelyn’s month for the Long Distance Quilting Bee. She asked for tropical blocks so she can make a Hawaii-themed quilt. The only requirement was to please use lots of green!
So I made the following:

I ended up really liking this block. I ended up cutting out the pieces to make this block for myself in the color scheme of my quilt that I started oh so long ago.



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July: Design Camp 3

Behold my block for July, which had the Iowa State Fair as its theme:

I know that technically you could argue Charlotte’s Web didn’t take place in Iowa…however; due to the fact that I think of Charlotte’s Web whenever people talk about state fairs, I felt that making her state fair web was a fitting endeavor.
It was a lot harder to make this web than I thought, but even so it came together pretty quickly. What took the longest was finding time to sit at the computer & upload the image! I mailed this beauty off to its new home about 2 1/2 weeks ago.

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