Kaleidoscope Quilt Completed!

Last week Josalyn came over so we could give this quilt to Ray & Kailin, our in-laws. Josalyn & I started this thing 18 months ago. It might have come together sooner if our schedules weren’t so hard to coordinate, but even so its probably a good thing that it took us so long because making this thing was a bear. We had to strip so much fabric, and then cut out the templates one direction, and then cut out the templates in the mirror image direction, so much ironing & pressing!, doing all the Y seams (which is why this blog is called Y Seams), figuring out which background fabric to outline each circle with, the outlining & movement scheme planning….ai ai ai! I’m glad its over & I’m glad it turned out so amazing because the chances of us making a quilt like this again are pretty slim!

I’d be up for doing a kaleidoscope quilt again, but not one that is so intense. I’m glad Ray & Kailin appreciated the gift! I know its hard to tell, but we actually outlined each turning kaleidoscope with postcard fabric showing russian dolls, Arizona cactus, the San Francisco golden gate bridge, Irish shamrocks, Hawaiian hulu girl, Canadian mountie, etc etc etc. Ray & Kailin met in Russia and they are on their way to live in Taiwan for 6 months teaching English. After that they’re heading to Germany. We initially picked the postcard fabric because of the Russian dolls, but I think its turning out quite appropriate given that they are planning on traveling the world & living in several countries before really settling down. 🙂

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  1. Ooooh, it looks so awesome ( and HARD!) to piece. Sounds like they have some great plans coming up, and I think it will probably be very good for them to have those adventures right now. By the way, your lawn looks very LUSH!–Hats off to that feeding we gave it, glad it’s paying off. Did the grass seed come up, too? Love, Mom

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