June Design Camp Blocks

The Camp 3 assignment this month was to make some sort of art or picture, and then frame it in the strips the month’s counselor sent us all. I made the tree first, and then just sewed all my scraps together to form the second block. I think the second block ended up looking like a wonky chicken! Kind of fun. What I took away from this month, is that a quilt can be fun & quirky if all I do is sew my scraps together & frame them. Thats an idea that wouldn’t necessarily have occurred to me without doing this project. I think it might make a fun scrapbuster to do someday!

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  1. OK, I missed something here–What is this Camp 3???? I like both of your blocks. When my friends get together, and sometimes they complain about how the “young mothers of today” can’t even sew a stitch, I always feel grateful for my daughter, Amy, who is learning so much about sewing fabrics together with her quilting interests! By the way, you didn’t tell me–how did you like Grandma’s little coin purse that I pieced together (matching her quilt we made for her), using that coin purse kit you gave me? Love, Mom

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