Modern She Made Swap

I joined a swap on flickr called Modern She Made. There are something like 100 participants, and no one knows who is making a gift for them. You aren’t allowed to tell the person that you’re making a gift for that you have them. My person stated that she loved bright colors, especially on a white background. The stipulation of this round of the swap is that your creation has to have a circular element to it. It took me a while to think of what I could do that would be cute while at the same time incorporating a circle of some sort. I’m pretty happy with the way this table runner has turned out. I may make myself another one of these days! haha. Here is what the back looks like. I had my machine quilting a loose wavy line along the outline of the design. Then I outlined the outline, loosely, a couple times. I think it looks very fun & festive for springtime & summer.



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4 responses to “Modern She Made Swap

  1. Lisa Ford

    Do you do your own machine quilting? That table runner is so cute!

    • Amy

      Yeah, my machine can do different quilting stitches, but the arm of the sewing machine isn’t very long so its limited. I want to learn how to do more ‘free form’ quilting with the feed dogs lowered but so far I’ve been too scared to really try much.

  2. Amy, It really turned out great! It looks just like your plan for it! Love, Mom

  3. Amy that runner is just so gorgeous – really great job of doing those little stars – bet your partner was really happy 🙂

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