LDQB 2012: May

In May there are 2 people assigned, so I got to make 2 blocks! Still feeling a little paranoid from my failed attempts in April, I jumped into making my blocks this past weekend for May so that if something didn’t work out I would have plenty of time to fix it! Luckily, I think I won’t need to do any fixing for my May blocks. Phew!

The first one I made was a pinwheel block for Leanne. She asked for red, white, and/or pink pinwheels. Leanne lives in New South Wales, Australia so it will be very thrilling to send an international block this month.

The second block I made was for Lisa, who wanted “anything baby.” I found this pattern surfing google images. I think it is so cute! Still haven’t decided what to do about the eye…I’m considering just leaving it blank instead of sewing on a button or embroidering a black circle.



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5 responses to “LDQB 2012: May

  1. your blocks are lovely! the pinks and red go together quite nicely!

    • Amy

      Thanks so much! I liked the pinwheel pattern so much I’m considering making a quilt out of them for myself. Someday, right? 🙂

  2. The blocks look great! Probably best to embroider an eye, buttons are dangerous for little children =D

  3. Grandma

    Blank would look OK on the duck, I think. Also, I loved the pinwheels, too.
    Love from Grandma

  4. I think the pinwheel looks GREAT! You can also use the flat part of a black snap, sewn on tightly, or a small black Velcro circle, sewn on, for an animal eye. If if were mine, I would just do a quick embroidery eye. I think it is cute, but would be cuter with more detail.
    Love, Mom

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