Literal Scrap Quilt

I have random little pieces of fabric up to my ears. Well, not really but that is what it feels like sometimes. Having 3 different scrap baskets, all full of tiny almost-unusable scraps is becoming a little hard to bear. So this week I decided to start sewing them all together. I’m just going to keep sewing them together until I have a sofa-sized throw that is entirely crazy quilt. My plan is to have the scraps sewn into pieces that can be trimmed to multiples of 6″ so that it is relatively easy to come together once I am scrap-free. I’m also planning on this project taking another year or so so that I actually have enough scraps to make a decent-sized finished quilt. Pieces that are too small to be sewn go into the 3rd basket, which is now a designated “stuffing” basket. I can’t wait to make some little plushies or whatnot that can be stuffed with my soft sewing discards.


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  1. Was it Ben Franklin that said, “Waste not, want not. . .” ? And it will be very interesting.

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