Some Wonky Trees

I decided to join a wonky tree swap on flickr. The way this swap works is everyone sends their blocks to the swap administrator, who divides them all up, and mails you the same number of blocks you sent her with the idea that each block you receive was made by a different person.

So above you see my contribution. Most of the trees submitted so far had blue backgrounds or some other random color. I decided to do nightscapes & one tree growing in Brooklyn (ha!). And around here we have rats come out at night, and mice, so I decided to incorporate that into the blocks as well.

And here you can see what I have to work with. Making these blocks was fast, but it would have been even quicker if I weren’t being slowly but methodically pushed out of my work space by a little boy & his wooden train set….


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2 responses to “Some Wonky Trees

  1. Mom

    I can see that he is very happy to be playing with his mother.

  2. Amy, I love the bridge from the table to the sewing machine table. Is that somehow symbolic?!?!?! Edward looks very happy to be with you, and that’s what is most important isn’t it?–not the speed of execution. Good for you for having him with you while you are TRYING to sew your blocks!
    Love, Mom

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