Covert Robin Gift Revealed

Well, here it is:

My recipient was Tabitha of Momtastic Stitchery. I knew when I saw who I was giving to that I would need to do something with a little hand sewing on it. There are approximately 70 french knots in that M!

I took the following photo intending to post it a week or so ago, but then decided not to since it shows the front of the pouch and someone could potentially guess what it would be. Maybe I was being paranoid though because now I’m wondering how on earth someone would guess that this would be a pouch front?

The lettering is a bit of a pun on Momtastic Stitchery. Why write the word ‘stitchery’ when its written in stitches?? Another post to come on how I made the hand scrub.


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One response to “Covert Robin Gift Revealed

  1. Looks really nice! Were we supposed to do a post after? Ooops!

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