B&W&R Blocks: Complete!!

I love these blocks. There are no 2 that are the same. And no, this is not the final layout either. Originally my idea was for the arrow blocks to appear as if there was black and white latticework action happening, but some of the black & white appears gray because of the motion of the fabric, so I’m playing with a different layout for the final quilt that will play to the blocks’ strengths. Don’t get your hopes up of seeing updates posted anytime soon though, March is already booked full in my sewing calendar & April is looking a bit busy as well. Perhaps May?

This is going to be a gift for a coworker. She & I were hired at the same time & went through the same hospital nursing program, so we’ve been through a lot together. She recently got engaged, and the wedding will be in November (so I feel no pressure to finish anytime soon, lol!) and this is going to be my wedding gift to her. She told me black and white, had no preference for pattern. I think she’ll like the red pinwheel pops.

Ok, so I have to admit that I made 10 less than originally planned. My husband talked me into it. I’m going to use fatter strips for framing than I was intending so the finished quilt should be about the same size anyway. I think that having 20 blocks instead of 30 will look better because of the way I will frame the blocks and borders. Thats my hope anyway!


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  1. I’m glad you listened to Jon. I think it will look really good with those 20 blocks. 30 may have been TOO “mind-boggling!” She is one lucky co-worker! Love, Mom

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