Kaleidoscope Quilt Compilation

A little while ago my friend/step-mother-in-law Josalyn finally found time in her work schedule to have a quilting day with me. As crazy as my work schedule is in my opinion, hers is far worse. We scheduled this day almost 2 months in advance. She came, spent the night, and then we rose at the crack of dawn and pinned/sewed/measured/cut/sewed more all day long. And we finally finished the quilt top for the kaleidoscope quilt that we began almost exactly 1 year ago! The quilt top is supposed to look like images captured from a turning kaleidoscope, with the off-balance center adding some liberated flair to the movement. Here’s a peek at the parts & how it came together:
Its off at a friend of Josalyn’s to be quilted with a massive quilting machine, and then I’ll finish it with binding. It will feel so great to have this thing finished, its been an enjoyable experience but a bit of a millstone at the same time since this project dragged on and on and on…


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2 responses to “Kaleidoscope Quilt Compilation

  1. I say WOW, too, Amy. Do you have a special place that you are going to use it?
    Love from Grandma

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