Above My Sewing Table

Many moons ago I showed what is under my sewing table. My plan was for my next post to be above the table. Life happened & here we are. So without further adieu I give you:

I love this little nook. I call it a nook, in reality its a corner of my bedroom. The calendar is a Arizona Highways calendar, which is where I grew up. The b&w canvas shows the first time my eldest son held his little brother, fresh from the hospital.
The r&w hearts, and kirigami were sent by my Grandma for Valentine’s Day over the past few years. I also have 2 postcards showing different quilts from the 2011 Symphony of Color quilt festival in San Francisco (didn’t go, but I like the quilts on the cards!). True confession: the red pieced block is not a retro swimsuit or back view of a spartan’s cape. Its my pathetic attempt at sewing this tutorial, and I keep it there to remind me about the virtue of calculating seam allowances! A motivational day-by-day quote calendar, a rose given me by a sweet patient, & some furniture sketches make up the rest of what I have pinned above my machine.

My cutting table is to the right. Its just a typical rectangle table from Costco. I have the left side dedicated to the obligatory entropy that goes along with creativity & fabrics. Quilt books, pins, bucket of pens/scissors/etc. If the rotary cutters go into it, the bucket tips over. And so they are relegated to the plain tabletop. I love my yellow cutting board on the right. I bought it on Black Friday a few months ago on sale with a coupon for additional 25% off…what a steal! I keep my small omnigrids on it when not in use, but the larger omnigrids go under my bed, since I don’t trust little hands to not crack them accidentally.

Overall, my sewing space may not be too fancy but for me it embodies the perfect mix of functionality with inspiration.


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2 responses to “Above My Sewing Table

  1. Awesome!—I like your yellow cutting pad; I’ve never seen any color other than green before, so that must have been Fate for you to find a yellow one! Love, Mom

  2. What a nice nook, Amy. I wish that I had done something creative like that many years ago when I was sewing so many children’s clothes.
    Love from Grandma

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