And March is done! (mostly)

March in the LDQB is a dual month, meaning that members have to make 2 blocks. One block goes to one member, one to another. Having a couple months with 2 blocks was the only way to make all of us fit inside the 12 month calendar year. Well, I’m one of the March people! Very thrilled to see what happens with the blocks I get. I made the block below for the other March person: Joy. Joy (or Josalyn, her nickname) requested nontraditional garden-themed blocks. Originally I was going to do 1 block of 4 flower pots, each with a different plant growing out of it, in window panes. This turned out a lot bigger than I thought it would so I might just make 4 individual flower pot blocks & let Joy configure them into her quilt as she likes.


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2 responses to “And March is done! (mostly)

  1. Nice! When I first glanced at it, I thought it was a pinwheel stuck in a pot to be more non-traditional–you know, like March, wind, kites, etc. Fun to create new things, isn’t it?! Love you, Mom

  2. I like the pot fabric with all of the interesting words. It is very non-traditional for sure. Your are keeping busy–but, you are ahead of the game now!
    Love from Grandma

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