More Star Blocks

The 2011 bee for the LDQB is essentially over, but there were a couple girls who just dropped out, AWOL, partway through the year. I felt like the last 2 months kind of got the raw end of the deal since these ladies have made blocks (really awesome blocks!) every month, but won’t be getting blocks from these 2 AWOL chiquitas.

SO, I decided to make 2 extra blocks to make up for the AWOLs. I haven’t done the red, white, and blue traditional blocks yet, but here are the 2 extra star blocks I made. I used similar fabric as the block I did from myself so hopefully they will coordinate.

The technique is from a rectrangle quilting book that I got from my MIL for my birthday. The idea is similar to putting 2 squares on top of each other in order to get squares of sewn triangles…only with rectangles instead of squares. Hence the name. Personally, I think that the squares look better when its a plain star block, but if you want to do squares to get triangles on top of what you’re getting with the rectangles, then it is a technique that is extremely easy for the way awesome result! (I call the block below my ‘kamikaze star’, lol.)

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  1. They both look great! I was thinking that it reminded me of a “shooting” star when I first looked at it! Love, Mom

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