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More Star Blocks

The 2011 bee for the LDQB is essentially over, but there were a couple girls who just dropped out, AWOL, partway through the year. I felt like the last 2 months kind of got the raw end of the deal since these ladies have made blocks (really awesome blocks!) every month, but won’t be getting blocks from these 2 AWOL chiquitas.

SO, I decided to make 2 extra blocks to make up for the AWOLs. I haven’t done the red, white, and blue traditional blocks yet, but here are the 2 extra star blocks I made. I used similar fabric as the block I did from myself so hopefully they will coordinate.

The technique is from a rectrangle quilting book that I got from my MIL for my birthday. The idea is similar to putting 2 squares on top of each other in order to get squares of sewn triangles…only with rectangles instead of squares. Hence the name. Personally, I think that the squares look better when its a plain star block, but if you want to do squares to get triangles on top of what you’re getting with the rectangles, then it is a technique that is extremely easy for the way awesome result! (I call the block below my ‘kamikaze star’, lol.)


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LDQB 2012: January Block

I am actually pretty happy here: I managed to finish the January block for the 2012 round of the Long Distance Quilting Bee. Out of nowhere I’ve had a bunch of tasks fall into my To Do list, and last week I was nervous I’d be starting out this year with late quilting bee blocks.
So the first month for the 2012 bee has an asian/buddhist theme. Carol, whose month it is, also specified NO PINK! I hope she can forgive the flowering cherry trees behind these ladies. The fabric is actually peachy & yellowish/orange…much more than this photo makes it appear. Perhaps the yellow cutting board in the background skews the perceived color scheme? At any rate, I’m happy to get this baby finished & out into the post. Such a relief to have my fears be in vain.

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Nightstand to Kitchenette

I want to post this project over here since this is my creative blog that documents all the crazy stuff I end up making. I’d seen a lot of cute makeovers of nightstands into play kitchens, and decided that would be the perfect gift for my Eddie.
This is a nightstand that my friend was going to give to Goodwill. I snagged it from her for $10 instead! With some help from my father-in-law & his router & jigsaw, I cut a hole the size of a round cake pan, and drilled a hole for the faucet to screw into. The drawers were replaced with corkboard. We made a new door & used a handle from Hobby Lobby. Liquid Nails was used to secure the faucet & round cake pan in place. I free-handed the burners, and covered everything with clear sealant so hopefully the paint job lasts a while.

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January Quilt Block: the last one for 2011’s LDQB

The 2011 Long Distance Quilting Bee got off to a late start, beginning in March, so when a couple more ladies joined in, it ended up wrapping around to having January of this year be the last month. We’re starting a new LDQB this month for 2012 as well, but I knew I needed to make this block for Margaret before even thinking about 2012! Margaret wanted a traditional block with the colors red, white, and blue. I hope she likes it!

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