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More Christmas Chevron

My mom requested a few more photos of the Christmas Quilt, and so I acquiesce. Hopefully these show off the quilting a little bit better than the previous post!


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Christmas Chevron

I cannot believe I managed to do it, but my Christmas quilt is finished!! My husband gets home from London tomorrow (been gone a week) and I started cutting out the pieces for this the day before he left. I am always surprised by how much a person can actually accomplish when they put their mind to it…(and don’t waste time with nonessentials, haha)…Below you’ll see the quilt top pre-quilting, then the quilt all finished with lovely candy-striped flannel backing showing, and lastly being tested to make sure it works. 🙂

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Christmas Cheer

I decided to put all my other projects on hiatus because I want to work on a Christmas quilt in December! I know all I need is one more quilting project, but hey; ’tis the season, therefore I must embrace it! I grabbed a holiday bundle of Christmas fabrics at Joann’s on Black Friday…the photos show a sneak peak of what I am turning them into. So fun! It is much cuter than I thought it would be, I’ve got to admit. Also, I wish it were a little wider. I might go back to Joann’s & see if I can find any more of these patterns…my goal is to have a nice comfy sofa throw for snuggling under while watching Christmas movies. Love this time of year!
(and I didn’t realize how dark these photos turned out so I edited the last one to be brighter & re-uploaded it so you have a better idea of the true colors of the fabric)

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