Some Fruit Salad Blocks

Here is a composite photo of the fruit salad blocks I’ve received so far from the LDQB:

One of the blocks (incidentally the one made by my step-mother-in-law) is several inches too large for the front so I’m going to stick it on the back. I’m still waiting for 4 more blocks. So I should have 12 total on the front when all is said and done.

Here are two blocks I did today to add some more fruitiness to the quilt top:

I received 3 blocks from one of the members because she said she didn’t like the first two, but gave all 3 to me just in case. I think she was being super nice & spoiled me! 1 of the blocks was made by my mom when she came to visit. She isn’t officially in the LDQB but said she wanted to make a block for my fruit salad quilt nonetheless.

And 1 block I recieved is missing from this photo because the fabrics & design didn’t really go with the flow of the rest of the quilt. I’m saving it for another project!


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