A Tree Block (or two) For November

November’s block for the Long Distance Quilting Bee has a Tree/Outdoor theme. When I heard about this, I immediately thought about money growing on trees. I don’t know why. Maybe because fabric is a medium we can use to create whimsical things that will not spontaneously occur in the ‘real world’… Maybe it was just wishful thinking!

After I made my block, I was a little concerned it might not blend in well with the quilt, because the blocks other members have made & already posted have utilized the more traditional maple leaf pattern. So I made another block to act as a companion to my little money tree. I like them both. I may have to make myself a tree quilt one of these days! That would be so fun. I think if I do, I will incorporate trees from all the seasons, just so the quilt is a rainbow of colors instead of primarily green. But, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it, haha! All I need right now is another project…. 🙂


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