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Some Fruit Salad Blocks

Here is a composite photo of the fruit salad blocks I’ve received so far from the LDQB:

One of the blocks (incidentally the one made by my step-mother-in-law) is several inches too large for the front so I’m going to stick it on the back. I’m still waiting for 4 more blocks. So I should have 12 total on the front when all is said and done.

Here are two blocks I did today to add some more fruitiness to the quilt top:

I received 3 blocks from one of the members because she said she didn’t like the first two, but gave all 3 to me just in case. I think she was being super nice & spoiled me! 1 of the blocks was made by my mom when she came to visit. She isn’t officially in the LDQB but said she wanted to make a block for my fruit salad quilt nonetheless.

And 1 block I recieved is missing from this photo because the fabrics & design didn’t really go with the flow of the rest of the quilt. I’m saving it for another project!


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Finished Grandchildren Quilt

Well, despite having to pause to work 3 days in a row at the hospital, we got this quilt finished!
I quilted it on my machine with a meandering straight stitch. I made sure to go around all the children so that they sort of pop out in a poofy way, its easier to see in real life than these photos.

The children are from the line Aunt Lindy’s Paper Dolls and you can find them at Blue Hill Fabrics.And here is the backing.

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An Unexpected Project

My mom is here visiting me for two weeks. We stopped by a couple local quilt shops yesterday, bought much more fabric than we were intending, and here we are!

I bought this children fabric a few months ago, & it was the inspiration for this project.

We started out by wanting a simple-ish log cabin around each child, but it kind of grew a bit larger than what we were expecting. Regardless, I think it is turning out cute! We’re going to give it to my grandparents for Christmas…I think they’ll like this ‘snuggle blanket’ for their sofa!

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A Tree Block (or two) For November

November’s block for the Long Distance Quilting Bee has a Tree/Outdoor theme. When I heard about this, I immediately thought about money growing on trees. I don’t know why. Maybe because fabric is a medium we can use to create whimsical things that will not spontaneously occur in the ‘real world’… Maybe it was just wishful thinking!

After I made my block, I was a little concerned it might not blend in well with the quilt, because the blocks other members have made & already posted have utilized the more traditional maple leaf pattern. So I made another block to act as a companion to my little money tree. I like them both. I may have to make myself a tree quilt one of these days! That would be so fun. I think if I do, I will incorporate trees from all the seasons, just so the quilt is a rainbow of colors instead of primarily green. But, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it, haha! All I need right now is another project…. 🙂

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