Quilt Sampler: Card Trick

I have been wanting to make this block for a long time! I love how it really does look like 4 cards lying on one another. Appropriate as my fourth sampler block methinks! I went with white on the background to match the basket block. The yellow fabric was a no-brainer since I want to incorporate it on as many blocks as possible ( after all it was only the inspiration for the whole quilt, hello!), the green fabric pulls out some of the light green stems of the yellow print not to mention the yellow swirls give it a little bit more 21st century flair imo. This pink fabric is different than that in the basket block; it is actually the exact shade of pink in several of the blossoms on the yellow print, plus it gives it a pop of bright color that the quilt may really need since it will be primarily browns & greens (or at least that is what it primarily is thus far!). I love this block so much, it almost competes with the Chain block as my favorite block in the sampler so far….


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