Sports Quilt Block

July’s theme for the long distance quilting bee is sports. Lisa says “My husband and I love all kinds of sports. I want to make a quilt that we can use when we are watching games on TV or SportsCenter.”

I was thinking about what to do for her that would be fun yet original and I thought, “what if I made a quilt block that was basically a tv whose screen showed a sport?” and then I thought that a 1950’s tv would be much cuter than a modern big screen on a quilt block. Then I tried to sketch it out and realized that it would be boring on a white background, and would make a more fun, interesting block if the background were a floral or funky design that could pass for wall paper. I started looking through my fabric to see what could pass for flooring.

I haven’t quite finished this block, but here is what I’ve got so far:
yellow green football living room quilt block
It is partially sewn. The rest is laid out on the yellow background to give a better idea of what it will look like. Next on my priority list is making some rabbit ears for the television set, and fixing the flag so that it is more proportional with seam allowances! And of course, I think the block wouldn’t be complete without a tribute to Team America…Go Team! Haha.

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