Quilting Bee

I belong to a Long Distance Quilting Bee. Each month we mail blocks to a member, and the member getting the blocks chooses the theme or pattern they desire to be mailed to them. Fun huh? Well, now that the year is half over I’m going to play catch up & post all the blocks I’ve made so far. At least we didn’t start until March so there really aren’t TOO many to back-post.
March’s theme was HIPPIE. I drew this hand & then pieced it all together. I had never done free form before this, so I’m happy with how it turned out. Yes, I wanted psychedelic colors on purpose — we’re talking about hippies here!
April’s theme was just blue. Blue blocks of traditional pattern so the member could make a picnic blanket out of it. I was trying to use my fabric stash, and here’s a little trivia — the big pinwheel fabric with orange flowers on it is vintage fabric my mom bought in the 80’s. I love it! The rest of the block turned out a little busy I think, so next time I’ll try to incorporate better balance.
May’s theme was SPACE. Anything space: inner space, outer space, time/space continuum, you name it. So I made another free form block and wrote “This is Harold & his best friend Wallace. They are on a campout together, and are climbing up some hills to get a better peak at the stars away from all the nighttime city glare.”
June’s theme was Africa. I started out doing a Dublin Steps pattern, but I liked how the yellow & brown squares looked so I decided to mirror them around the rest of the block. I think it looks like a pride of lions converging on zebras.

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