The Current State of My Bedroom Floor…

What you are looking at is a gift for my brother-in-law and his fiance, being put together by my step-mother-in-law and myself. Maybe a kaleidoscope quilt is perfect for describing these convoluted family relationship titles? Its also the quilt that I used for my blog banner. And the quilt that inspired my url & blog title, Y Seams. At any rate, it wasn’t my idea…it was Joy’s. She drew the pattern & transferred it to cardboard. I took over cutting, stripping, piecing, more cutting, and lots of pinning. We took turns pinning & sewing actually. Now I’m working on the butts of the wedges, or in other words, the corner finishing. Ideally, it will look like a turning kaleidoscope…these are supposed to be captured images of what you’d see if you were looking at the same thing while spinning the kaleidoscope in place.

Lets hope it gets finished in time for the wedding!

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